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Be the first to Review our company

Latest Updates on Site

We are being monitoring and improving our website on a daily basis. Latest updates and news regarding the changes we’ve made are being announced below.


Recently we performed a big security update on our website and on our server. We have been victims of cyber attack so we had to strengthen our guards. Unfortunately bad people exist 🙁


We’ve added a newsletter system in our website. You can now check your email for latest news regarding our games. Only thing you need to do is click on the top screen menu “Newsletter” and signup.

Abous Us

It is our honor to present ourselves to all of you. We’ve created a page on our website where you can see a funny picture of us (made by Nallistat) with a small bio of each employee and a facebook contact link to contact us.

Latest News

We created a page where all of the new posts will be posted in the corresponding categories :

  • Fat Bard Games : For generic website / company news
  • Into the Timeverse: For news regarding Into the Timeverse Game
  • Orbi’s Chronicles: For news regarding Orbi’s Chronicles
  • Astra: For news regarding Astra game.

You can find the link of the news at the top screen menu.


Fat Bard Games is a branch of Imperial Dynamics located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company’s goal is to create fun , engaging and mainstream games that we, first of all, love to play, and them share them with the rest of the world. The company is one of the few Greek Indie gaming companies which aims to succeed in this huge gaming industry.

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