We are back online!

Recently we have been under attack by hacking bots. As a result our web site was not available for 2 days in order for us to investigate the issue and perform all necessary changes to the server and to the website and ensure that this won’t happen again (fingers crossed hehe).

Basically we strengthened the whole system and now everything seems to be monitored well and no issues are being found.

Some of the changes we have made in order to increase the security of the website are the following:

  • We have added an intermediate step in order to login / register / forgot password actions. We do realise that this may cause some inconvenient but this change was important in order to ‘confuse’ the attacking bots and brute force attacks.
  • We have added a firewall and backend protection on our website. This shouldn’t cause any issue to users who are just vising our website or those who have registered to our website.
  • We have also added some security to the web server which shouldn’t either cause any trouble to the web site users.

Thank you

Fat Bard Games