Company divisions/teams

ID Play Games:

Gaming is a big part of what we do. We have a long experience in creating fun and engaging titles. For example Outlander is selling very well on Xbox. Other titles are Jumper of Destiny, Into the Timeverse, Orbi and Alma, etc.

In addition to publishing our own games we are creating a publishing platform for third-party developers called

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citywARe / Salonica Online:

We are aspiring to help our hometown Thessaloniki (or Salonica) become the city of the future.

We have created an online platform for that reason. It exposes a frequently-updated database that contains information of local interest to users and clients.

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Our company offers a number of services to businesses and individuals. From custom software to websites to photorealistic props


We invest heavily in cutting edge technologies. From machine learning to AR/VR and beyond. For example we are creating the programming language of the future called Cubelevel.