Our Story

Imperial Dynamics was born on September 2019

We started by creating video games and now we are expanding to the blockchain. We are investors and developers in crypto and blockchain. We mainly work on projects that are based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. We’ve already implemented successfully many projects on the test-net.

We are driven by values

We create games that entertain and we move to the future by embracing blockchain technology

Super Efficient

we always deliver on time, and that’s a fact.

Deeply Committed

We study every move and every project. Our mission is to deliver the best of the results.

Highly Skilled

We are in the computer science business for more than 25 years.

Antonios-Anastasios Toulkeridis

Born in Thessaloniki. Started programming at the age of ten. Studied computer engineering. Post-graduate degree in computational intelligence. Knows C#, ASP.NET, Node js, React, Java, JavaScript, Solidity. Currently working on a Solidity course for Udemy. Hobby: stock investments

Anastasiadis Stelios

Stelios Anastasiadis is 47 years old. He is in the computer science since 15 years old.
He is a 3d animator,computer programmer and game developer.For the last 3 years he is an investor mainly in crypto coins and a blockchain developer on the ethereum technology using solidity and c# Since 2018 he is teaching computer programming at iek AKMI in Thessaloniki